Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Long time, no see

So I've been MIA from this page for a while now.  I'm still very much alive and active... I've been a very busy teacher this year (I'm sure you can relate).  However, I thought I'd come by and share my latest activities.

Recently, my students made their very own snowglobe Christmas gifts.  I got this idea off several different pins I viewed on Pinterest and just loved it:

I just loved how it turned out, and many of my students' parents even asked about how it was made so that they could do it on their own.  I received several compliments on it overall.  So, I'm going to list the supplies that I used to make it below.  Oh, and don't mind the star... that is just for the privacy of the photo.

- mason jars & lids
- heat-laminated photos (of child posing like he/she is catching snow)
- plastic plants/pines
- glitter (1 soonful per jar)
- hot glue
- glycerin (to help the glitter fall slowly)
- ribbon

I don't want to say that this project was necessarily easy, because I faced many challenges along the way.  For example, the mason jar was turned upside-down, so I had some issues with water leaking out.  I also found that if I hot-glued the lid, that helped.  However, use a thicker ribbon to disguise all that dried, icky glue.  Also, a very important tip to keep in mind is to heat laminate the photo, rather than use an adhesive laminator.  I honestly had to learn the hard way, and my first few photos ended up drenched.  Anyway, lessons learned.